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Splay Kids Shoes

The perfect shoe for kids? We have a solid contender as Splay shoes does it all! One of the best things a kids shoe can do right, is to get them on kid’s feet fast & easy. We love that our kids can put these on with no issues. Even though they know how to tie their own shoes, but as kids, their shoes are always getting unlaced. Especially when they want to run & play around. Plus, these shoes look great for everyday wear or for any fun adventures.

Even great for sports like soccer at school!
Our kids (9 & 7yrs olds) love wearing them. When we say get ready, they most likely throw these on as its quick and easy. Are they lazy to tie their shoes with other shoe brands? maybe... but it makes it easy for us especially when we are on the go.

When they are playing outside or anywhere fun, we always get the question “Can I take off my shoes?” for whatever the reason it may be, it’s totally fine with us because we know they will have them on in no time. We enjoy that they have plenty of toe space for their toes to move around freely. We try to avoid shoes that are too narrow where their toes are confined. We are fans of minimalist shoes like these as they are flexible and it lets the kids feel the ground as it helps them be more connected for better balance and movement. Way to go SPLAY for creating a kid-friendly shoe that is not only great for the kids but helps ease the mind for the parents too. A great investment for your kid's feet! You can find them HERE with a variety of colors, a big plus for us is that they are vegan too, with materials of 100% Cotton Canvas & rubber soles.


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