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V.gan Footwear

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Converse Chuck Taylors have been a staple in my wardrobe since I was a teen.  The punk rocker in me has always loved the classic look of these sneakers. You can imagine my excitement when I was scrolling through social media and came across a pair of shoes that looked identical to Converse but had V.GAN printed on the side. I knew Eric and I needed a pair.  

V.Gan’s Vegan Nut Trainer sneakers come in 2 colors, black and white. They also come with a pair of plain laces and a pair of vgan print laces. We wear them around town and to several protests, festivals, and demonstrations. These sneakers are more affordable and more comfortable than Converse. The toe box is a bit wider and the insole is a bit spongier. I stood in them for over 3 hours during a Cube of Truth and did not have any discomfort.

“V.GAN is an animal and human-friendly vegan footwear collection and is exclusive to Sole & Soletrader. There is no other retailer in the world with this brand. V.GAN footwear is 100% vegan and was started with a passion to provide animal-friendly shoes and bags. The entire range is free of animal products, is PETA approved, and our workers in our vegan approved factories are protected by European employment and safety laws. Our dream is to build a vegan brand for the masses and by doing this we feel we can help spread the important vegan message through the world community just that little bit faster. You do not have to harm an animal to have great looking shoes. There is another way.”

We also noticed a pair of slip-on sandals (Vegan Rice Sandals) on the Soletrade website that had the same V.Gan message printed on them. Being parents who are always on the go, I knew these were perfect for us so I ordered a pair for both of us. We wear them all the time and I can tell you they are conversation starters (especially in line at the grocery store). The top of the sandals is made of rubber. They are extremely durable and virtually waterproof and I feel like we will have these sandals forever.

V.Gan footwear offers a variety of different styles for everyone and I highly recommend checking them out.  https://www.soletrader.co.uk/brands/v-gan/


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