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Earth Runners Adventure Sandals

We are true believers that rewilding is the best way for us to care for ourselves. Sometimes we are too caught up with work, that we forget the simple things in life. During this COVID-19 quarantine, nature seemed to ALWAYS make us feel better with returning to a natural state. The same concept goes with our feet, we are so used to having big clunky over padded shoes to protect us that it might really be disconnecting us from the ground & hurting us.

That is why we have become big fans of Earth Runners Sandals. They are simple, minimalist huarache sandals made for the everyday adventure in mind. They may be the complete opposite of any other outdoor sandal you have tried.

They feature a copper ground plug (it's in the bottom of your sandal) with grounded conductive laces that help you experience being barefoot. This helps your feet to engage in EARTHING/GROUNDING as a direct contact to earth that helps us be connected & give us natural charge of energy. ( See more about it here) 

What we love about them is that you really feel free with them on, I can wear them all day. From my morning workouts to my outdoor runs, to working in my garage doing home projects. You feel the ground & I sometimes forget that you have anything on. It makes you feel free & connected to what you are doing!

They really are the ultimate adventure huarache sandal, I brought a variety of shoes on our road trips and all I ever wanted to use was my Earth Runners. At times I would get little rocks stuck in my heel due to rocky terrain but you keep going & it naturally falls out. They are great while going on rocky terrain, boulders, even through water & even swimming. Earth Runners are easy to put on compared to other adventure sandals where you have a bunch of straps/strings to play with. I can pretty much put them on with no hands now, I am a pro!

I have had various type of "Adventure " type sandals but was never happy with them. They were always a bit too expensive or just weird looking. I knew my next pair of adventure sandals needed to be Vegan, minimalist, stylish & use them anywhere even long-distance running!

Earth Runners had everything I was looking for and they even offered them in kids sizes which are a plus.

Their Eco- friendly materials come in a heavy-duty cotton canvas material which was perfect because I've worn some that had a rubber-type sole that always made my feet sweaty. The whole family ordered the Circadian Adventure sandals that are 9 mm thick that come with grounded performance laces with a Vibram Gumlite outsole.

Once we received them we took them for an easy 3-mile hike to a fun creek to test them in & out of the water. It took the kids some time to get used to but then they were hooked. They usually rather be barefoot but this was perfect for protecting their feer from any sharp objects or cacti here in Arizona.

I highly recommend these for any adventure seeker or the whole family, they truly are a game-changer. If you are new to trying minimalist shoes I do recommend starting slow & wearing them around the house first. Once you get used to them it will be hard to back to bulky type sandals or shoes!


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