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Tofuture Tofu Press

The days of using books, towels and crank presses to press tofu are over. Tofu had been one of those vegan staples we frequently went without due to often troublesome pressing methods. Stacking books on top never seem to yield and even press. The crank press worked slightly better but often was hard to gauge and resulted in many broken tofu blocks.  Tofuture Tofu Press has solved every problem we’ve ever had when it comes to preparing tofu.

Tofuture is so easy to use and it’s three BPA free components fit inside one another making it easy to store. There are 3 different levels of intensity and built-in drainage to avoid messes. Best of all, the outer tub can be utilized to marinate the tofu once it’s pressed eliminating the use of another dish. Another cool feature of Tofuture’s design is the ability to change the bands if necessary due to wear and tear.

You can have perfectly pressed tofu in 3 easy steps.

 Step 1: Remove the tofu from the packaging and drain off any excess water

 Step 2: Place the block into the inner tub, the green container with perforated holes

 Step 3: Replace the lid, pull the elastic bands down around the hooks and push the handles down to impart a continuous pressure on the tofu.

Tofuture fits nicely in your refrigerator making it easy to store while pressing. The longer you leave the tofu pressed, the firmer it becomes. Below is a pressing guideline provided by Tofuture

Short press, 15-30 mins – for ‘cheese’ sauce, ‘chocolate’ mousse or ‘cheese ‘cake

 Medium press, 1-2 hours – for pasties, quiches, and pies

 Long press, 4 hours to overnight – for stir-fries, kebabs, and baked tofu

Once you have reached the desired texture of your tofu, simply open the handles to release the bands, remove the tofu and discard the water. Your tofu is then ready to cook or marinate. As I mentioned before you can marinate your tofu block in the outer tub.

Tofuture really put a lot of thought into their product and it has quickly become our favorite kitchen gadget. You can find them online at https://www.tofuture.com/ or on amazon.  It is truly a game-changer for all vegan cooks out there. 

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