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DIY Homemade Rockwall

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

There's so much you can do when you are stuck at home with active kids. We have played various board games, school work, science projects, & even play video games. With all our free time from Covid-19 we had some Spring Cleaning to do. While organizing I came across a bunch of rock climbing holds that I bought from 3ball climbing a few years back to do a fun climbing wall for the kids but I felt I never found time to do this. Since I was out of work due to COVID-19, I figured it was the perfect time to put this project together. I googled DIY rock walls & found different ideas to do. Everyone had something different as they all had different areas to do it. I knew I wanted to do this in our kid's playroom that was really just a typical room with toys all over but the kids were growing & not playing with them so much. I wanted to redo it & "Make it Fun Again".

Once I measured the room, I used a stud finder to figure out where I would be placing 2x4's. This was key for the support of the plywood & the support of the whole project. Your measurements have to be perfect to know the amount of wood to buy. After measuring everything, I took a trip to Home Depot where I bought a couple of sheets of plywood, 2x4's & construction screws for this project. Once I got home I measured the wood twice & cut it once. After I cut all the wood, I placed the 2x4's on the walls where the studs were at. On the plywood, I measured & marked all the areas where I would be placing the t-nuts. After doing that I drilled the holes, sanded the sheets of plywood & burnt the wood to give it a rustic look to it. I applied a wood finish & they were all set to be added to the wall. This roughly took me close to a week to have completed because I had to wait for the t-nuts to arrive from amazon. I bought T-nuts that you have to hammer in but if I had to do it again, I would get the t-nuts that you drill in as they are much more sturdy & won't pop off. Once I got the rock wall screwed into the walls it was ready for anchors for the walls to put up 2 hammocks from Grand Trunk Hammocks so the kids(& me too) can hang out in & take some occasional naps during our quarantine.


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