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Homemade Vegan Sushi

Not the prettiest but it sure was good!

Vegan sushi anyone? Its one our favorite meals, shoot we eat it at least once a week & sometimes more if you include Sushi bowls.😉

“Before going vegan we thought it would be difficult because we would miss eating one of our all time favorite foods, SUSHI! But boy was I wrong, Vegan sushi is just as good if not better. And it is fairly easy to make. ”

I try to be creative on the ingredients I use, this time around I used the following;

- Short grain Japanese white rice

- Sushi Nori sheets

- Baked tofu

- Baked Sweet potato

- Steamed Asparagus

- Baked Sweet potato

- Carrots (julienned)

- Cucumbers

- Avocado & beets

Experiment, try different things

For the most part we usually do the same sushi (avocado, sweet potato, cucumber, mushrooms & asparagus) as we already know it works for us but its nice to mix it up every once in a while.

This was our first time adding Tofu & beets into the mix of things, & it was good ...well kind of. Baked tofu added a good flavor to the sushi but not so much for the beets. It gave off a weird flavor to the whole sushi, maybe next time I can pickle them and see what that tastes like. Its all trial and error, I wasn't (& still not) the best cook but have fun & mix it up. Eventually you will stick to the ingredients you like best.


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