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Vegums Multivitamins

A well-planned plant-based diet is appropriate for humans during all stages of the life cycle according to the American Dietetic Association. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables almost always ensures you are getting all the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. Some vitamins can be more difficult to obtain than others such as Vitamin D and B12.

 Most of the multivitamins on the market aren’t geared towards vegans. Standard multivitamins would provide us vegans with too much of what we already have and too little of what we need.

Having children, we like to take the better safe than sorry approach to ensure our family is meeting all our nutritional needs.

Thankfully Vegums has created a blend of vitamins that perfectly complements a plant-based diet. These yummy gummy vitamins get their texture from gelling agents from citrus fruit peels. They are flavored with strawberry extract and their color is derived from black carrot extract.

Vegums are naturally sweetened using bone char free, unrefined cane sugar.  Our whole family really enjoys these vitamins and we often have to hide them from the kids or else they would eat them like candy.

We love the eco-friendly approach Vegums has taken with its packaging.  From reusable metal tins to cardboard tubes, to biodegradable cellulose bags, all their packaging is completely plastic-free. Even the envelope used in the shipping process is as environmentally friendly as possible. Vegums went with Jiffy Green padded envelopes made of kraft paper and filled with recycled macerated paper to ship out all their orders. We just adore companies that think about the environment beyond their product.

Our family has tried other vegan vitamins but Vegums seems to be the most fun for us. Popping open and clicking shut the reusable tin over and over is quite satisfying and seems like a bonus on top of the delicious vitamins. Do your family a favor & go get some https://www.vegums.com/


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