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Hampton Creek's JUST EGG

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of Hampton Creek’s Just Egg. Apparently, vegans all over the country have been flocking to their local grocers in search of Just Egg only to find it’s either sold out or not available. With so much buzz surrounding this product, we were eager to try it for ourselves.

Luckily our local Sprouts had it in their “vegan” section. We bought a bottle and took it straight home to cook it up. We decided to go with a basic scramble with a some home fries and toast. We figured this would be the easiest way to get the full flavor of the product.

When cooking its basically like eggs that were whisked altogether. Its been along time since we have cooked anything like this. My first reaction is we can finally make omelets!!! After cooking, we dug in & ate the anticipated breakfast. The flavor was very minimal, it didn't taste like an actual egg, more like a mushed bean ( its actually made out of mung bean protein)

We heard that it tasted exactly like an egg but it didn't to us. Maybe we didn't season it right? We added salt & pepper but still no egg flavor like we were used to. I think not eating eggs for close to 5 years made us forget what it tasted like. Who knows, I would give JUST EGG another shot but this time I will cook it in an omelette to take advantage of the the silky texture that I cant do with tofu.


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