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Vivo Barefoot Vegan shoes

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

You know that saying "Less is more"? That is the thing with Vivo barefoot shoes, you don't have that exaggerated cushioning that you really don't need from other shoes. I have been a fan of minimalist/barefoot shoes for quite some time now & not all of them are created equal. I have recently been testing out the Primus Lite model from

for over a month now & you can notice their quality of materials is on a different level. I've tried other brands where the shoes felt great but within a few months, the sole would fall apart. Vivos barefoot shoes are made with sturdier materials, I even noticed that the stitching is thicker. You can seriously tell these shoes are made to last! Did I mention that Vivo makes

shoes as well?

Not only do they carry a good vegan collection for men, women & kid's shoes but they are made ethically and they use recycled PET plastic. They repurpose plastic waste to help give it a 2nd chance instead of having it in our landfills and oceans which I absolutely love! As a vegan, I am always looking to make the best purchases for me & my family, especially if it has a positive effect in the environment.

I love that I can use these shoes for just about anything. From going on walks, yoga, gym workouts, playing with my kids at the park or even a good run! You get a good feel for the ground since you don't have all that extra cushioning like regular shoes. Your balance becomes better & even your feet become stronger as you develop the use of certain muscles that you don't with regular shoes.

I noticed once I put them on Its hard for me to take them off as I enjoy wearing them all day. I think a lot has to do with these shoes being narrow, thin & flexible. It helps you move more naturally & your toes can spread out while moving and not be cramped up like other shoes.

The Primus Lite model from Vivo is one of the best vegan running shoes that I have had to date... But to me I don't have just a running shoe, I have a great ALL DAY for everything type of shoes. I literally wear these all the time now. Eventually, I want to get a pair for my kids & wife so they can wear them in all of our adventures. If you are looking for great vegan running movement shoes than Vivos are your shoe, a great investment as they are intended to last!

I recently did a 5k race in them with no socks and they felt great. No issues at all. Now I want to step it up a notch & put some big miles in. In December I am looking to do a last-minute marathon & who knows I might even do them in my Vivos.


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