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PlanetBox Lunchboxes

The last lunch box you’ll ever need.

Just another perfect item for a zero-waste way of living. PlanetBoxes are excellent for all members of your family.  Don’t be put off by the price, they are worth every penny.

Planet Boxes are very well made and come with a 5-year warranty. The boxes are made of high quality, non-toxic stainless steel. They don’t retain any food odors or stains like some of their plastic competitors.

We only have one planet box at the moment and plan on ordering an additional one seeing that our family often fights over who gets to use it.  Our kids currently use plastic bento boxes, but I find that the compartments are too small and the PlanetBox is a much better fit for them.  We absolutely love the spacious compartments and the ease of cleaning it.

PlaneBox offers 3 different size lunch boxes with 2-5 compartments. You can also accessorize with additional containers for dressing or soups as well as water bottles, napkins, utensils, ice packs and carrying bags.

They have everything covered to make the perfect zero-waste lunch kit. We highly recommend purchasing a carrying case because it comes with and an additional pocket for snacks, a water bottle pouch and an inner pocket for an ice pack.

The thing we love the most about our PlanetBox is that it is customizable. The boxes are magnetic, and you can either purchase one of their magnet sets, order a custom magnet set or use ones you already have at home. It’s a fun little touch we haven’t seen from other lunchboxes.

We are beyond happy with our PlanetBox and can’t wait to add another one or two or three to our family. Go check them out at here https://www.planetbox.com/


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