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Peatos, Better than junk food!

Most vegans have a food item they loved before they made the switch and are unable to find vegan versions of. One of mine was flaming hot Cheetos. I always loved the classic crunchy Cheetos but the  Flaming hot flavor had me addicted. 

One day,  I was scrolling through a vegan Facebook page when I saw someone post they had found the vegan version of Flaming Hot Cheetos. They're called Peatos and are made by the company World Peas. I was elated and determined to find them. Luckily my local grocer had them  although it took awhile to find them in the store since they are conveniently located in the produce isle. 

I purchased a bag of their Fiery hot flavor and opened them as soon as got to my vehicle. They are a bit smaller than Cheetos but the texture was on point. The flavor was not what I had imagined it would be. Don't get me wrong, they are delicious and just as addicting, but they do not taste exactly like Flaming hot Cheetos. They are less spicy and have more of a bbq kind of taste to them. After I got over my initial disappointment, I continued to eat the whole bag.

 We were recently sent a sample of their other vegan flavor, Masala. The flavor is described as "And exotic blend of spices you're gonna love!" And they're right, we love them. If you like Indian food, you will too. 

"Better than Junk Food" traditionally made from potatoes and corn, Peatos are made from peas and lentils. making them a much more nutritional snack. I love their saying "Always Tasty, Never Corny".     

They are a perfect snack for traveling, hiking, camping etc. Our kids love them as well and are constantly fighting over the bag. I guess the only negative thing I have to say about Peatos is that their bag is too small. I would love the be able to purchase a larger bag or even a box so I can add them to my children's lunch box without having to worry about so much waste.  Check out https://worldpeasbrand.com/ for nutritional information and go pick up a bag or two.


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