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LunchSkins reusable bags

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

As a society, we've all become too comfortable with the use of plastic.  Plastic has become a huge problem for our environment and our health. Harmful chemicals have been shown to leak into food that has been stored in plastic. Many plastics are single-use and end up in landfills or oceans. We are trashing the earth and our health in exchange for convenience. It's not only maddening but frightening.

Our family is always looking for ways to reduce our waste. Both adults in our household work and both of our children are in school. All four of us bring our lunch or dinner with us to work or school. We are big fans of reusable food containers, but they often take up space in our lunch boxes.

We recently came across these reusable sandwich and snack bags from Lunchskins. They are made of durable, quick-drying fabric and have a Velcro closure. Lunchskins come in a variety of cute designs and colors with a space to write your name at the top. They are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.  

Not only are these bags good for lunch, but they are the perfect way to store snacks for our hiking adventures and road trips. No more bulky containers or disposable plastic bags in our hiking packs!! The Velcro closers are sturdy and secure and we have not had any problems with items falling out.

One Lunchskin bag can replace 500 plastic bags in its lifetime. This means less plastic in our environment and more money in your wallet.  Lunchskins are also free from harmful chemicals such as  BPA, phthalates, and lead making them a healthy choice for our family.

You can feel good about your Lunchskins purchase knowing that you are helping fight pollution. Lunchskins donates proceeds from every order to the Oceanic Preservation Society to help the fight against plastic pollution in our oceans. As we move into the future, it is ever more important that we take responsibility to ensure that our kids have a bright future. 


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