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Grand Trunk Hammocks

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

We love being in the outdoors from our local hikes, exploring for waterfalls, to kayak trips & especially the fun weekend camping trips. Being in the outdoors you have to have the right gear or else it won't be as fun as it can be. For us, it is not complete without having a sturdy hammock to enjoy the outdoors. We recently tested out Grand Trunk hammocks, their Printed Double hammock intrigued us on how big they are.

With the extra room their hammocks have, it's great to use together as a family. It's 10'6" long & 6'6" wide so you can easily have 2 adults & some small kids....we did & it wasn't too bad! Plus the fun prints they have, makes it more appealing anywhere in the outdoors. We loved their Baja collection which perfectly fit our lifestyle!
Baja Hammock Collection from Grand Trunk

It's ready to go right out of the box as it Includes 2 carabiners & hanging rope(10 feet total). Easy enough to hang on trees or rocks as we did on a recent hiking trip. The fabric is made from nice & soft parachute nylon that falling asleep in them is an easy thing to do.

We have tried a few different ones & we can honestly say this one is one of our favorite hammocks. Try them out if you are in the market for a hammock, they offer a 100% LIFETIME guarantee, if it breaks they will replace it...can't go wrong there! There is a reason they have 5-star reviews from their site as well on Amazon. Check them out & let us know what you think. www.GrandTrunk.com


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