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Eat Loca Food

I'm sure you've seen the memes about vegan cheese. It gets a bad rap sometimes and that's because most of them were trash in the beginning. But vegan cheese has come a loooooong way in a very short time. We've been posting about an amazing vegan cheese sauce in our stories a lot lately and it got many people wondering if we started selling it. Although we wish we were responsible for such an incredible product, we are not. We were fortunate enough to be sent some vegan cheese sauce from Eat Loca Food to try.

Eat Loca is a company based out of San Francisco that makes this amazing cheese sauce we just can't get enough of. Their founder was determined to make a vegan version of the jarred cheese sauce a lot of us grew up eating. Most of the vegan cheese products on the market today are nut-based, so Eat Loca created a potato-based cheesy sauce that was free of the most common allergens and made with real vegetables. The result is a tasty vegan cheese sauce that melts and tastes like real cheese and comes in two flavors, mild and spicy.

We thought we made a decent potato cheese sauce, but we were blown away by Eat Loca's sauce. Upon the first taste, we immediately started thinking of all the things we could use this cheese sauce for. First up was loaded vegan nachos. We topped tortillas chips with black beans, vegan chicken, pico de gallo, jalapenos, corn, tofu sour cream, guac and finished them off with Eat Loca's spicy cheese sauce. We heated the cheese sauce on the stove and it was perfectly creamy and easy to drizzle on top of our nachos.

Next up was buffalo cheese fries. We baked some crinkle-cut fries in the oven and topped them with soy curls cooked in buffalo sauce, tofu sour cream, green onion, and Eat Loca mild cheese sauce. Shortly after, we baked homemade pretzels to dip in the rest of the mild cheese sauce.

I should tell you that during this time, both Eric and I were part of an 8-week fitness challenge and were following a strict diet that included counting calories and macros. Eat Loca's cheese sauce was so good that we modified every other meal we had for the day to fit it into our macros. That's how much we love this sauce. It truly has that tangy cheese flavor and a little goes a long way. You just have to try it for yourself.

You can pick up a jar or two here. https://www.eatlocafood.com/



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