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Carls Jr Plant Based burger

We were amazed to find out that Carls Jr aired a commercial of their new burger

The charbroiled Beyond Famous Star featuring the 100% plant-based Beyond Meat.
For us this was a total game changer, as a big fast food chain spending millions of dollars to share their commercial for million of viewers to see their new item which happens to be a plant based burger.

I honestly never thought I would be going to Carls Jr to order their food, but today for dinner that's what we did.

For it to be vegan, we ordered the burger without cheese (when we got home we added Daiya cheese) & without their mayo, the whole family enjoyed it.

We are not always going out eating fast food burgers but today we made an exception to support this as you can enjoy a plant based burger without using real meat. Carls Jr actually did a blind taste test & a lot of people couldn't tell the difference. See that video here.

One of my favorite things of the commercial was a old western cowboy who turned a yoga master say;

"A juicy charbroiled burger with a patty made from plants? Only the folks at Carl’s Jr. could pull off something that bold.… All the legendary flavor, none of the meat. When the wagon of change comes, you ride along with it."

Its just nice to know that we can find a vegan burger at a local big fast food chain nearby....changes are coming people, watch out!


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