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Butler Foods soy jerky & meat alternatives.

Sams Harvest jerky sure is good!

Butler Foods has their own vegan jerky and boy is it good! Sam's Harvest Jerky are plant-based soy curls, that are full of flavor from their special blend of spices. Sams Harvest jerky is a great snack for those of you that are on the go (like us)

The jerky is so good, our kids wanted to eat a whole bag for dinner. I honestly had to hide the jerky from them so my wife & I could enjoy them too!

Butler Foods are well know for their Soy Curls. We were first introduced to them in Portland, Oregon and have been hooked ever since. Butler's Soy curls are a meat alternative made from the entire soy bean which are high in protein & a great source of fiber. The texture is similar to chicken. They are so easy to prepare and are great for quick meals. All you do is soak them in water for 10 minutes, drain them, season them with your favorite seasoning and cook them on a skillet until lightly browned. We like to use Butler's Chik-Style seasoning to give a true chicken flavor.

Another great product from Butler Foods are Sam's Taco Crumbles , similar to their soy curls they are quick and easy. They come seasoned and only require soaking, draining and cooking. In no time you will have great, plant based meat ready for tacos!

All of Butler Foods products are plant based/ animal free and made with love, that is why they are an important part of our kitchen pantry. They even sell their soy curls in bulk. 😊


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