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Arizona Zipline Adventures

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Who knew there was an awesome zipline course in Southern Arizona? Arizona Zipline Adventures is situated just north of the Catalina Mountains in Oracle Arizona just off Mt. Lemmon Road. Being that Oracle is slightly cooler than Tucson, it is the perfect location for Arizona’s fastest Zipline EcoTour. Plus it's hard to beat those views!!

Arizona Zipline Adventures has five ziplines that range in length from 400-1,500 feet in length with the highest zipline being 80 ft high. Zipline Tours are available by reservation only and their weight limit is 50-250 lbs. It takes about 2 hours to complete the full Eco Tour depending on your group size. We were there early and were the only 2 on the tour so it only took us about an hour to complete the course. Some of the ziplines require a trip down a dirt road in the back of a truck to get to while others are just a very short hike.

Emma and Jasmine were our guides and did a phenomenal job at keeping us safe and entertained while on the tour. Emma even provided us with riddles to solve along the journey and left us stumped on a few. All of the lines on course are fun but the last one is the most exhilarating and our favorite. It is the longest and fastest line and allows you to race a partner.

Arizona Zipline Adventures also offers special events throughout the year. Once a month they offer and Sunset and a Moonlight Zipline Experience. We can’t wait to try the Moonlight experience and zip over the desert under a full moon. Check their website for special events and hours.

There is a restaurant on site called the Peppersauce Kitchen. We were told they offer a few vegan items. Unfortunately, we were in a rush and didn’t have time to eat. We were also informed that you are allowed you to bring your own food to enjoy on their spacious patio.

Zip-lining is a great activity to do as a family, or with a group of friends. Arizona Zipline Adventures was a fantastic experience from beginning to end and we highly recommend this course. The site also offers hiking trails, gold panning, a gift shop and free lockers to store your goodies while out on the course. We can’t wait for our kids to reach the weight limit so we can take them on this amazing adventure with us next time.


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